Amelie Arras Prepares to Defend Bitcoin’s Title at Money 20/20 Asia Race (

It has been announced that the Marketing Director of Adastra Marketing, Amelie Arras, will look to defend bitcoin’s crown in the upcoming Money20/20 Asia Payments Race. Mrs. Arras is hoping to repeat her performance from last year, where she defeated four other participants to claim victory for bitcoin in the Money20/20 USA Payments Race.
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In an interview with Bitcoin Magazine, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin discussed some of the scaling issues Ethereum is currently dealing with, the rising interest in Ethereum in Asia and his thoughts on the ICO ecosystem in general.In late May, developers from the Ethereum-based job market platform Ethlance introduced an issue its freelancers were struggling to deal with. Twelve months ago, when the price of Ethereum’s token Ether was around $ 14, a smart contract to set up a freelancer…


Bitcoin saved my ass in South East Asia

A week ago I went to the Philippines from Taiwan for a short visa run. I exchanged some Taiwan dollars to Pesos at the government-run Bank of Taiwan and got ripped off big time (the spread was 30%).

Anyway, I ran out of money in a few days and heard of They let you instantly cash out bitcoins at particular ATMs with no debit/credit card needed. I always carry around $ 100 worth of BTC in my wallet so I gave it a try.

I sent ~$ 60 over to my wallet, sold it for Filipino pesos, went to the nearest ATM, typed in some codes and got 3200 pesos for almost the same exchange rate as found on google. The difference was only 2.8% which I thought was fair given my other choice was to become a beggar.

We're still far from using Bitcoin for everyday stuff but it proves to be very helpful regardless (unlike bankster that can't wait to fuck you over).

Just wanted to share my experience with you guys.

Btw here's the link explaining the whole process.

tdlr; went to the Philippines, ran out of money, sold bitcoins for pesos, survived.

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