I have found I stay w in my budget and acquire more BTC by simply asking myself before I buy anything is “Would I rather have ‘this’ or buy more BTC”. BTC always wins out. Give it a try the next time you think of buying something.

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Yesterday my investment advisor asked me how to buy bitcoin – said he was interested and that many of his clients were asking about it

Yesterday my investment advisor called to offer me some new investment opportunities, which he does about once a month.

He then told me that he'd heard that I know a lot about bitcoin. I told him about it – only 21 million will ever exist, they exist in every copy of the blockchain everywhere in the world (so not in one particular place), they can only be moved by the holder of the keys so no government or organization can demand to have them moved without the consent of the owner, they are divisible to the ten millionth of a bitcoin, they can be sent to anyone anywhere in the world in minutes

He was blown away. He said it sounded better than gold in every way and that he's been buying gold for three decades, but is concerned that so much of the world's gold is hoarded by central banks who can dump it and that there is constantly new discovery of gold increasing the supply at an unpredictable rate.

Anyhow, he's going to tell me how much he wants to buy and I'm going to arrange to sit with him at a localbitcoins.com buy. How's that for a change.

(Note: I've been investing with his office for over 17 years).

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Asking for a short but detailed guide on how to setup Node signaling segwit. (reddit.com)

I guess a full node is needed to signal for Segwit, I know it won’t speed up the process as much as having the possibility to mine and signal for it, but this is all I can do: contribute to strenghtening the bitcoin network and flag my node for segwit. Devs say it is ready to be activated but the community still is not working as fast as I feel it should. Could anyone direct me to a short well written guide for a noob on how to run a full node for segwit? Looked for it for a while…


How can an encrypted wallet spend coins without asking for decryption password?

It is possible for some encrypted wallet to spend coins (e.g. this one) without requesting a decryption password or any other form a authentication. Of course, a password is requested when first importing the wallet file, but nothing after that. This seemingly means that a simple user process has access to my private keys. What prevents another process from replicating the same code and reading the same files so as to spend my coins? There appears to be a major vulnerability, which I am guessing is not real. What cryptographic trick is in play here, to allow such wallet behavior without exposing the user’s private keys?

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