Tron dApps: 3 Awesome Things You Can Do Cryptocurrency Right Now For Less Than $20

Justin Sun recently announced a $ 20 million giveaway. The full details of the airdrop haven’t been released yet, but he is definitively giving away a Tesla. This reporter’s been thinking about it: if a million people sign up for a $ 20 million giveaway, that’s $ 20 each. That’s actually a decent amount of cryptocurrency for nothing at all. To celebrate #BTT & #USDT–#TRON success, I am planning a $ 20m free cash airdrop. Good news-it's coming, bad news-I may decide to give away more! First, I will randomly pick 1 winner for a #Tesla up until 3/27! To apply, follow me and

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After 3 long weeks i finally set up my Lightning node on RPI and i could not be happier for all the things i learnt in this journey, i read about programming, command lines, bitcoin, lightning and DAMN i realised how little i know about all this amazing world and how much I FKING LOVE IT! But one thing sticked with me… I'm planning to keep learning and spreading the word, the power of lightning is real!

I can calmly say that if i managed to make this happen ANYONE (LITERALLY) can do the same for less than 100$ just like I did. I never opened the terminal in Mac before and today im amazed by all the things that little black screen can do.

I also should be thanking for all the help i got from the Lightning Network & Lightning Network en Espanol channels in Telegram, there are 3 or 4 lads over there with the patience of a MONK! Explaining certain kind of things to me wasn't an easy task for sure. So u all non believers or lazy people, get on board now and i promise that you WILL NEVER REGRET about that decision.

This has been one of the best investments i've made in my life, the money, time and brain cells i spent during the process were not in vain.

Thank you all developers out there!

If you like to connect with my node here it is 🙂 it will for sure be running 24/7!


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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Bitcoins immune system is awesome.

Risk of Bitmain 51% attacking the network -> Antbleed, Dragonmint and others pushed it almost out of business.

Bitpay became a bad player -> BTCServer, opennode and others are making them obsolete.

Attacks of fear doubt and confusion -> people learn early "don't trust verify".

Hackers targeting bitcoiners computers -> Hardware wallets were born scammed users with half of their bitcoins -> motivation for the creation of the Electrum Wallet.

MTGoxxed and other exchanges hacked or scam -> People hodling to their own keys.

Coinbase supported many attacks on bitcoin -> decentralized exchanges on the rise., name squatting scam -> part of the user education program.

Scaling debate takeover attempts -> Segwit #UASF, Lightning network.

ElextrumX Server dev added an altcoin as default -> Electrum Personal Server and Electrs came shortly after.

Centralized shitcoins discourse 'more advanced', flippening' -> First large scale smart contract deployed is the Lightning network, others are sidechains and Simplicity.

Internet censorship getting stronger -> Blockstream Satellite, gotenna, locha mesh.

Bad actors, please keep those attacks coming.

Fellow bitcoiners, cheers!

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

The Square Cash App is Awesome! My experience buying bitcoin there vs. Coinbase

I wanted to talk about how incredible the Square Cash App is to buy Bitcoin. The major reason imo that it is much better than Coinbase is because they make it so easy to verify your identity and they take far less time to allow you to transfer Bitcoin off of their site.

Coinbase was never able to verify my identity even though I tried submitting pictures of my license on multiple occasions.

With the square app. I was verified within 24 hours and the software was far easier to use than the Coinbase system. All it asks you to do is line up the front of your license with the camera on your phone and it gives you an outline that automatically takes the picture when the software determines that it is centered perfectly. It then asks you to do the same thing for the back of your license. Finally, it asks you to take a picture of your face and it gives you an outline to do that as well but you can choose when you are centered correctly in the picture. Once that is done it tells you that it will tell you when it's ready. I messed up on the picture of my face initially so it asked me to try again. The second time they accepted my information and I was then able to withdraw to an exchange that I've been looking to add more to my holdings. That part was super easy as well. All I had to do was scan a qr code on the screen of my pc and it automatically knew the bitcoin address without me having to type it in and it initiated the transaction.

The software is great, the fees are extremely low to buy and sell. I actually made a 4 dollar profit that I was able to withdraw instantly using their instant withdraw feature for a fee of .06 cents.

I think Coinbase is in big trouble and probably Paypal as well.

I'm not shilling for them either and I own no stock in the company. I have no idea if their money sending service is good or not. But if you want to buy Bitcoin with as little hassle as possible I can't recommend this app enough.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet