Bitcoin Back Above $5,000: Why Traders Lean Toward Optimism This Weekend

In the past 24 hours, the bitcoin price has remained relatively stable at $ 5,000, at one point briefly surpassing $ 5,100 following a rebound from $ 4,900. On April 12, bitcoin experienced an 8 percent fall from over $ 5,400 to around $ 4,950 in most major crypto markets, demonstrating a relatively large retracement. However, the 8 percent correction in the price of bitcoin comes after a strong 28.5 percent rally from $ 4,200 to $ 5,400, which many analysts including Alex Krüger ‏have said pulled bitcoin out of its 16-month bear market. “This is not a call. Not a matter of aging well or not.

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Im was an early investor in bitcoin and sold 2 years ago. Im back in. Here is why

Simple reason .

People at work, mom and pop investor, shoe shine guy, joe public stopped talking about it .

I dont see anymore "get rich with bitcoin" commercials and ads as much anymore

cnbc stopped showing the bitcoin ticker during fast money

Bitcoin dropped over 15k and its still being called a bubble.

Because of the above it is time for me to get back in.

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Cardano Founder Strikes Back Against “Negative Story”

Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of Ethereum and founder of Cardano, is unhappy with the way he was portrayed in a recent interview. The interview, which is written in the first-person and characterizes Hoskinson in various lights, closes, in part: Without litigating the details of his various spats, this is not a man gifted at de-escalation, or even self-effacement. Could Charles Hoskinson have accomplished quite as much if his Twitter finger were a bit less itchy? Could he have accomplished more? Cardano Founder Feels Ambushed The article focuses on the darker aspects of the Cardano founder’s personality, but Hoskinson feels that he

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