Got some real money in BTC? Make a backup of your hw wallet BEFORE you need to

Just some sane advice, this time without a horror story to make the point :0)

If you put some real money in BTC, what exactly is that amount when talking about 'real' will depend on you, we all should know to use a hw wallet.. But how many have actually tried there seed to restore their wallet? What if your wallet gets lost, broken or what ever, and you need to access your funds quick?

My advise; buy a second hw wallet form the start, check your seed on the second wallet after the first small deposit. Only then proceed with putting more money into it.

Please also store your seed and backup hw wallet safe. For me safe means both separate, in a fire proof safe.

If one is afraid of robbery, you can make a decoy wallet, on my ledger I can. Also in that case put the decoy seed as the easy to get and the true seed really hard to find, use your imagination..

If you go this way I think you need to go all the way… Don't tell your partner, kids, or for that matter anyone how much you have, or that you use such a decoy wallet. Under real pressure most will crack and start shouting things to you like "please just give them all we have" or whatever. And with you or a family member at point blank of a gun it will be hard enough to keep your sense and only give them your decoy wallet or seed.

While we're here put at least some convincing money in the decoy wallet…, with a lambo on the drive way do you think they will settle for that hundred or a thousand buck?

Are we talking about big money, that would be for investing and thus not needed to access quickly? We are putting it in several hw wallets, stored at different locations and again we haven't been bragging about the amount or these different locations. Again we have checked the seeds to work and stored these save.

To be honest I just recently made my hw backup wallet. I guess just like most I started small but after a year realized it was becoming some real money I had put in. And it does feel better now I know I have made some preparations for losing my hw wallet or worse.

Want to be your own bank? Then be it!

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Meet Smartwords – Distributed Backup for Cryptocurrency Keys (

On the first day of the three-day event Satoshi’s Vision Conference in Tokyo the creator of a project called Safewords presented a new solution to safeguard cryptocurrency ”passwords”. Smartwords is a 2-out-of-3 distributed backup kit for your mnemonic seed words. 
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Safewords – a 2/3 Distributed…


Found a wallet backup on Google drive. Not sure how to proceed.. (

So last night I found a bitcoin backup on my Google drive from 2016. Most likely empty but not 100 percent sure because I did lose access to a laptop I had last year around that time. Most likely it was multibit that the wallet. How do I go about getting the backup installed and checking the history/balance?


I am mining in the suburbs using 100% hydropower from my backyard creek and supplementing with backup power from hamster wheels. I am profitable AMA.

I have 1 microhydro plant running 24/7 in Braggadocio, Missouri. I have twenty-five hundred hamster wheels inside these greenhouses. All hamsters are running 100% off fair trade coffee, with soul cycle music pumped through small speakers in a surround-sound-system-setup playing non-stop.

I posted my numbers for this mining operation a few hours ago but it was downvoted into obscurity. Here is a link of the first hamster I had working this job if anyone is interested:

His name was Mr. Geppetto, and he was the Genesis Hamster.

Anyhow, I kinda think that this sub is controlled by Jihan and Roger. I want to test this out to see if it might be true. Cuz…maybe I am just being weird and got it wrong. For the record, I am often right. So here it goes…I have documented my mining operation over the last week here on Reddit. I detailed my idea from when it was just an idea all the way to today, where I have a fully functional and profitable bitcoin mining operation in the middle of the Missouri….not connected to the grid at all. I am about to go all-in and buy 1,000,000 miners for the September shipment of new S10's.

Here are the numbers for mining, for those of you who are interested. You will need 1 microhydro plant. And you will need 2500 hamster wheels, or alternatively one very large hamster wheel and a black bear. And a power control system. I buy the batteries from Walmart for $ 99 each, I keep the receipt an return them after 29 days. Total cost for the off grid hydro/hamster solution is $ 350. It costs so little because I'm also getting royalties from my onecoin investment. I am happy to share the suppliers with anyone who is interested (please clap).

I make 7 btc per day from each hamster. This is about 17500btc per day. I'm not calculating my profit because I'm not trying to cause the price to drop.

I am pretty sure that there are LOTS of hamster trainers doing this and they don't want anyone else doing it. They are afraid of flooding sewer system with hamster poop pellets like the hog farms have done in Duplin County and across the States. And they are afraid of increasing demand for hamster food. And I am pretty sure those people are now running this sub. But again, maybe I am wrong. We'll see… Basically, I feel that there is a real effort to dissuade people from bonding with hamsters and using hydropower so that miners can continue to do this.

I purchase one hamster and secure the lowest pricing per hamster. We do not employ guinea pigs. They are lazy. If one hamster listens to any song by Sade (or for the thug hamsters Poetic Justice by Kendrick) for more than 5 minutes they will make sweet hamster love and 100 baby hamsters will be born within a few days and I can resell the surplus hamsters on craigslist.

By breeding hamsters myself I am making sure I am getting the best thorough bred, strongest, fastest hamsters, and no Guinea pigs. I also profit from dressing the charismatic ones in costumes and renting them out to birthday parties and corporate events for $ 79.99 an hour per hamster. Also in case you're wondering, I match 100% each hamster's contribution to his or her IRA. This isn't a sweatshop.

I have NO idea why this happens, but every time I post about hamsters and talk about how I have found what I believe to be an awesome idea for anyone who loves animals and lambos, I am down voted and called a liar and con man by a lot of people here.

So, I am testing my hypothesis. I think that one of three things will happen to this post: (1) it is down voted to obscurity (2) I am relentlessly called out for being a liar and con man (3) no one cares. For the record, this should be a post that is read by many people here. I am not trying to say that it is the most amazing thing that someone will read here. But, this is exactly the type of post that should have people discussing in a bitcoin forum.

Anyhow, for those who are interested, this info is not a FAKE POSTING. The numbers are real. I am highly profitable. I wish others would do the exact same thing. I want everyone to be raising hamsters and using hydropower.

I accept btc donations to continue hamster advocacy at 1AxCKHendnZ16NBMbp5bzUcUfub6vX9PTn

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keypool and restoring from backup

I have a wallet running on a raspbery pi and the SD card hit the skids, fortunatley I have a backup of the .iso from 1 month ago so I have recovered the entire state as of that time.

My only concern is over the keypool. I had increasead it to 1000 because I was testing issung a lot of transactions, my keypool was down to around 800 before my issue required the backup. Now my keypool is at 970 (as it was a month ago) and Im trying to figure out if thats going to cause a problem when a key that is already used in an existing TX is to be used again?

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