How to work out the balance for an HD Wallet extended private key?

I am working in C# with NBitcoin. I have created an extended master private key, and I can create the hierarchy of derived keys. In TestNet, I have requested some coin from a faucet, and the transaction has gone to the test address (checked in

I have a local testnet chain running (and a mainnet chain, but testnet for now is all that matters) and I am trying to interact with it via the bitcoind RPC, as per the Bitcoin developer examples.

How do I work out the balance (value held) on my private key, that pairs to the public key, that generated the receiving address? Am I right in thinking that the RPC bitcoind client will not show this, as it maintains it’s own keys? If so, how can I query the blockchain for transactions on this address? There is an RPC to import an address, but that seems like a kludge. I should be able to do what the bitcoin core does for it’s own local addresses, but for my locally generated addresses.

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

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Stuck unconfirmed balance in multibitHD (stuck since 2015)

I recently started reusing bitcoin. Let’s just say, I gave it a lay off when the value of bitcoin bombed in 2015. I sent my bitcoins from my MultiBit wallet to MultiBitHD on 13th november 2015. They are still sitting there in multibithd showing as ‘receiving’, although subsequent transactions from bitcoin mining are showing as ‘received’. Multibit shows a green tick next to these transactions. When I fired multibit up, the transactions were showing with the empty pie chart on the left instead of the tick, bit after a little while, they filled and eventually became green ticks. Even stranger, I tried to import the HD wallet into two other wallet applications, using the wallet words, one on my mac and one on my mobile. Both of those show a zero balance, like as if it is not the same wallet. I’m not a bitcoin guru, I have little knowledge of the mechanics of the blockchain…

Is there a way I can get these transactions reversed back to the sending wallet ? I really don’t want to lose 0.18… bitcoin that seem to be stuck.

Please can someone help with detailed instructions to get this bitcoin unstuck ?

I am posting a separate question, because it is so long since these transactions were sent and I have seen so many posts about this, but the things I have tried have not worked.

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