Bitcoin [BTC] or other crypto trading NOT BANNED in India – Exchanges like Unocoin & Zebpay …

Against the accepted journalistic prerogative, even a “common” understanding of how cryptocurrencies work is enough to realize that no entity, government or person could ever “ban” cryptocurrency. There could only be a ban on exchanges that facilitate trading cryptocurrencies which might limit options …
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Reddit Just Banned /R/DarkNetmarkets – Biggest Darknet Subreddit (

Discussing darknet market information on the internet has grown increasingly more difficult as site owners question the content posted by people involved in some of the well-known communities. Reddit, the primary site for darknet-related conversation on the clearnet, just banned the biggest darknet subreddit.
Reddit banned /r/darknetmarkets. According to the new homepage of the former information hub, the community violated Reddit’s…


Israeli Crypto Companies Banned From Stock Exchange Indices (

In a bid to reduce systemic risk, the Israel Securities Authority has announced that it will not include companies operating in the cryptocurrency industry will not be included in the country’s stock exchange indices. News of the determination has been published alongside a public warning issued that seeks to inform prospective investors of the risks associated with cryptocurrency exposure.
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Korean Government Officials De Facto Banned from Holding and Trading Crypto (

The South Korean government has reportedly de facto banned all government officials from holding and trading cryptocurrencies. Even if their crypto activities are not related to their jobs, public officials can still be subject to disciplinary actions.
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