Meet the Charity ‘eat BCH’ – the P2P Electronic Cash-to-Food System (

Over the past few months of 2018 flying under the radar, there’s  a new charity aimed at feeding Venezuelan citizens and their children — a group called ‘eat BCH.’ The group has been getting a lot of bitcoin cash (BCH) donations towards feeding the hungry from within the country’s troubled economy. The donations are proving how perfect a peer-to-peer electronic cash system can be for those in need.
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Who exactly is Segwit2X catering for now? Segwit supporters will have Segwit. Big block supporters already have BCH.

Over the last year I've seen passionate people in Reddit's Bitcoin forums calling for either Segwit activation (likely locking in today[1]) or a fork to a bigger block size (already happened August 1st)… so what users exactly are calling for another hard fork in 3 months time?

Genuine question as either they are very quiet or there are very few users who actually want it and the disruption it will cause.

[1] Near enough – In 91 blocks it will reach the 95% of blocks needed to then move to locked in next period – where its activation is inevitable.

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