The bear market community

First of all, do with your money what you want. If you want to sell your coins, do it. If you think it's the best time to buy, do it. And what comes next is just my opinion.

I think it's really funny how many people in this reddit changed their mind about crypto in a short time. Prices are falling, people are losing money, not a good time I understand. But why are so many offending others in this reddit because they don't follow the mainstream? It seems like EVERYBODY knows prices will fall further. EVERYBODY is so smart to sell now (in some cases with losses) and EVERYBODY will buy back when prices are low enough. And if you don't do what EVERYBODY does you are not smart or stupid. The same people who follow the mainstream now asked this reddit months ago if buying BTC at 18k was not to late, and EVERYBODY said it will moon to 100k easily.

What I want to say is: don't follow everybody. Not everybody can get rich. Some smart people will take advantage of the whole crowd making the same decisions and I promise you, they will get rich and steal your money. Think for yourself, have your own opinion.

Perhaps it is smarter to be against everybody sometimes even if you are attacked by them.

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