Bitcoin Will Drop Near $3,500 Before a Major Rally: Trader hutto

After achieving $ 4,097 in global average price according to data provided by, the bitcoin price has retraced to $ 4,027 and below the $ 4,000 mark in some major markets. As bitcoin fell by just over 1 percent against the U.S. dollar, the valuation of the crypto market declined from nearly $ 142 billion to $ 139 billion in a matter of hours. Speaking to CCN, a widely recognized cryptocurrency trader known to the community as “The Crypto Dog” said that bitcoin could still hit the $ 3,500 mark in the short-term and that the conditions of the market haven’t changed in the past

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Bitcoin Price Slips at $4,000; A Minor Pullback Before a Major Rally?

Following a spike to $ 4,068 from the low $ 3,900 region, the bitcoin price has experienced a slight pullback to $ 4,000. While the price of bitcoin slightly differs from region to region, on average, bitcoin is currently being traded at $ 4,017. Against Tether (USDT) on Binance, bitcoin has dipped below the $ 4,000 mark to $ 3,975. Minor Pullback Before Promising Rally or Retest of Previous Bitcoin Supports? Following a 3 percent increase in the price of bitcoin, several traders expected the dominant cryptocurrency to undergo a minor pullback. For over three months, bitcoin has remained in a relatively tight range between $ 3,700

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