Bitcoin falls 7% to below $8000 after Twitter announces ban on cryptocurrency ads

Bitcoin fell roughly 7 percent Monday, below $ 8,000 following weeks of regulatory uncertainty and advertising crackdowns by tech companies. The cryptocurrency was trading near $ 7,911 as of 1:18 p.m. ET Monday, more than $ 500 lower than a day earlier, according to data from Coinbase. It's down …
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BTC Prices Below $8K Could Spell Disaster for Bitcoin Miners (

According to a study conducted by Wall Street analyst, Tom Lee’s agency, Fundstrat, BTC prices below the $ 8K range make it awfully difficult for miners to gain revenue. Lee details that at a global average rate of six cents per kilowatt-hour, some BTC miners are either breaking even right now or mining the cryptocurrency at a loss.
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Bitcoin falls back below $9000 after Google says it will ban cryptocurrency ads

Bitcoin fell roughly 6 percent following news that Google, the world's largest ad provider, is cracking down on cryptocurrency. Facebook, which is the second largest online ad provider behind Google, took similar action in January by banning ads on "binary options, initial coin offerings and …
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Goldman Sachs: Bitcoin 'Has Potential' To Drop Below February Low Of $5922

Goldman Sachs' technical analysis team led by Sheba Jafari has recently made another Bitcoin (BTC) prediction, stating that the major cryptocurrency risks sinking below the February low, Business Insider reported on March 12. On Sunday, the team sent a note to clients warning that the next BTC …
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Bitcoin Today: Prices Crash Below $9000 as Bullish Momentum Reverses

Bitcoin broke below the $ 10,000 benchmark on Wednesday, March 7, but that wasn't the end of this week's decline. By Friday afternoon, prices were as low as $ 8,700 on some exchanges. Bitcoin started the week as high as $ 11,700 on Monday, March 5, but that was the only day this week the No.
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