Dear people who want to make a crypto better than Bitcoin. (

Here’s what it needs to be if you want people to use it. In no particular order. -More robust of a network than bitcoin -More decentralized, uncensorable and trustless than bitcoin (able for any average joe in the world to support the network, even anonymously) -More open and transparent development than bitcoin. -Unable to be changed without consensus like bitcoin. -As well as everything else that makes Bitcoin great like being secure, deflationary, unable to be counterfeited, double spent…


Looks like bitcoin is poised for moon launch, is there anything I should be doing to secure my coins better?

Right now I keep most of my coins on an exchange, and i have my account secured with a solid password.

is there anything else I should be doing, like 2fa authentication?

Sorry if this seems dumb, only found out about bitcoin a year ago!

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