Bitcoin Slips After Frantic Rally as Traders Await Fresh Signals

Bitcoin's gyrations in early 2018 has investors, regulators and onlookers debating whether the speculative bubble has popped after a 1,400 percent ascent last year. While it staged multiple comebacks in 2017 following double-digit losses, the digital coin has not been able to string together a rally …
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Bitcoin Wallet Maker Ledger Raises $75 Million for Security Push

Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency, and with its growing importance there's been a wave of dedicated hedge funds and established players planning on setting up trading desks for digital currencies. Still, some security issues need to be sorted out, and volatility is a concern — bitcoin tumbled below …
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Old hands in South Korea bitcoin market unfazed by threats of ban

Although the cryptocurrency market lost about $ 200 billion this week, or a third of its value, these investors – known within the community as "hodlers" after a misspelled meme that went viral during Bitcoin's early days – are used to rollercoaster rides. China's shutdown of local exchanges in September, …
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Visa CEO: Bitcoin is Not a Payment System (

Visa, the world’s largest credit card company, is widely regarded as being hostile to Bitcoin. It would seem intuitive that a traditional financial provider should look unkindly on anything that threatens its hegemony. Publicly, though, the company has had very little to say about Bitcoin, preferring to focus on matters within its own domain. In a CNBC interview on Wednesday, the corporation’s CEO broke his silence, opining – predictably – that Bitcoin is not a payments system.