Estimate of Net % of transaction fees in bitcoin transactions

one of the major pain points that bitcoin is trying to solve is the 2% transaction fee. However bitcoin is not necessarily free, even if it gets mass acceptance (say the entire USD is replaced by bitcoins). There will be additional transaction costs such as 1. generation of bitcoins 2. storage of bitcoins 3. apps that enable people to transact in bitcoins 4. credit history monitoring services etc. Some of these will be paid directly while exchange of value for currency (such as through transcation fees in bitcoin based credit cards), some of them may be indirect (such as an app which allows you to store/monitor bitcoins, but then uses ads to support itself. The ads inturn increase the price of the commodities that are being bought or sold. So you are paying for the bitcoin indirectly).

I am curious to know whether any study has been done to calculate the net % that will be lost in transcation fees (paid directly or indirectly by the purchaser of the goods) as compared to that of credit cards (~2%)?

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