Bitcoin Startup Plutus Raises $1 Million in a Crowdsale

In just nine days, the mobile Bitcoin wallet, UK-based Plutus, has raised more than $ 1 million in a flash crowdsale, allowing the company to complete their platform and make the Bitcoin Tap & Pay application a reality. In a bid to make paying with bitcoins simpler, the Near Field Communications (NFC) firm has connected with […]

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Is it normal not to see my sending/receiving addresses while the bitcoin client is syncing?

I am using bitcoin core on windows 7, it takes forever to sync and during this time I cannot see any sending/receiving addresses in my interface, I only see “balances” (empty), “recent transactions” (also empty).

  • Will addresses show up only after it is done syncing ?

  • a bit off-topic: Is it safe to just copy/paste the wallet.dat around or is it any risk if the sync is at a certain state while I copy/paste the wallet to/from the bitcoin data folder ?

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