cheated me and the CEO is a Bitcoin Cash advocate

I've enjoyed many articles on, so I was happy when they accepted my offer to write some articles for them. I wrote a total of three articles and they were published, and all was good, but I had some disagreements with the editor, so he agreed to pay me for the articles I'd written, but said that we wouldn't work together anymore in the future, and I was fine with this.

He told me I would receive my pay for the published articles on the normal payday. I sent him my bitcoin address, and when the payday came I waited. And waited. After a week or so I sent a message letting him know I hadn't received the pay. I got no reply.

A week or two later I sent another message, and this time the editor told me that he would pass my message on to the CEO.

Days later, still nothing.

After looking up the CEO, I found he is an active Bitcoin Cash supporter. I don't necessarily find a secret agenda when I look at their content, but then again, I haven't researched very thoroughly.

Personally, I respect it when cryptocurrency journalists or those in the cryptocurrency news industry disclose if they have a major position in a particular coin, because it is really hard to be totally free of bias. Nowhere on is the CEO's support for Bitcoin Cash disclosed.

The more time goes on, the more red flags I see from the Bitcoin Cash community, and lame behavior like this is just one more example.

Please be aware when you read articles about cryptocurrency, that you are supporting the websites that publish this content, and that these websites may have hidden agendas. Of course I suggest boycotting this site for not honoring their obligations, but I also think the link to Bitcoin Cash should be known.

Sorry for the rant, but it's not like I'm going to take them to court for a couple million satoshis (although in a few years I might wish I had) so complaining about it here is at least some form of recourse.

Thanks for reading.

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