Teenage bitcoin millionaire: 'It's a wonderful time to buy bitcoin"

A lot has changed since 2011, when Erik Finman invested a cash gift from his grandmother into bitcoin. Six years later, bitcoin's value is up exponentially, and Finman, now 18, is a millionaire. But one thing that hasn't changed is Finman's enthusiasm for the cryptocurrency. "Whenever I sell a little bit of …
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Satoshi whitepaper's "longest chain is Bitcoin" rule does not apply when comparing two chains with different consensus rules. (reddit.com)

I have heard countless arguments that if BU ever gained 75% hashrate and forks, then it must be called Bitcoin because it is the longest chain according to Satoshi’s whitepaper. This statement is absolutely false. The whitepaper only used the longest chain rule to help determine which chain is Bitcoin in the event the Bitcoin network is being attacked. Because there will be more honest nodes mining, the longest chain wins. The longest chain is only used to determine winner…


"Immutability of Blockchain is limiting the growth of Bitcoin?" Do you agree with this? The claim of keeping fraudulent smart contracts out is the same force keeping bad contracts in. The article describes different plausible reasons for the slow growth d