Bitmain subsidiary Antpool accused of artificially boosting Bitcoin Cash (BCH) price

China-based Bitcoin mining giant and ASIC chips manufacturer – Bitmain – has landed in yet another controversy. Its subsidiary Antpool, known as one of the world's largest Bitcoin mining pools, has found itself in hot water after it became clear the company is burning a chunk of all Bitcoin Cash (BCH) …
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PSA: Bitmain is selling off our contact info to spammers

I have a policy of using <company>@<my domain> whenever I sign up for an online account, since <any address>@<my domain> comes to my email account. This lets me track who is selling my contact information because if I receive an email from <company A> which has <company B>@<my domain> as the email target, I know that <company B> has sold/informed <company A> about me.

This morning, I received an email from It was spam, of course, the 'your invoice' link was a link to some vet site, nothing to do with crypto at all. The interesting thing is:

  • That it was sent to bitmain@<my domain>, thus telling me who sold the address

  • Also, it had the first line of the delivery address that I sent my miners to.

I co-locate my miners, and no other company has ever been given the co-location address. This puts the ball firmly in Bitmain's park.

They are selling our contact details to spammers.

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