Remember to use DeBitpay if you need to buy via the deceptive payment processor Bitpay.

Today I used Bitpay to buy a TV from a retailer in my area and since I use a Trezor and Samurai Wallet my wallet is unable to decode their payment and since they don't just show an address and sum I need to use this tool to extract that information.

Bitpay in it's payment would've made me pay 6.956 sat/b but instead I paid 1.357 sat/b and it got confirmed 28 min or 2nd block since creation. Bitpay and it deceptive measures with fees is directly tied to rogers, jihans, fakesatoshis bshit.

I don't why roger would say that 2 cents is to much and have a big say in a service that suggest you pay 5x that.

I also noticed that the address I was going to send the Satoshis to is an address that already has been used and spent from… which has it downsides.

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