-BitPay has, as of March 3rd, 2019, requested that FirstView Financial, LLC, the issuers of their PrePaid Visa Debit Cards (for which BitPay users hold a bank account), halt ALL access to cash held in its users accounts, except for signature purchases at a merchant. This includes all cash-back transactions, ACH transfers to another Bank Account, and ALL ATM WITHDRAWLS.

-FirstView Financial, LLC is insisting that BitPay is in fact in control of this- however, as BitPay only serves as a means of exchange, they can only request that this action be taken by the Card Issuers. FirstView Financial has obliged this request.

-BitPay is stating that this is due to a "Systems Upgrade" being completed to make transactions smoother. However, after 3 weeks, neither BitPay nor FirstView Financial, LLC is able to give an estimate as to when these "Systems Upgrades" will be completed. BitPay has convinced FirstView Financial, LLC to make false statements regarding the true nature behind this move.

-The change was made without warning, and while both FirstView Financial and BitPay insist that users were notified via email, I have personally confirmed the 5/5 users of BitPay, including myself that I personally know, never received such communication.

-FirstView Financial does not have any physical branches, but is in fact an interstate bank. They are legally mandated to allow access to physical currency for their account holders. They are not.

-BitPay in fact hid this information, buried in their FAQ section.

-No warning is given prior to making a deposit to the Visa Debit Card. Customers only become aware of this limitation after attempting to gain access to their cash.

-BitPay will not reverse any transfers made to the cards.

-Neither BitPay nor FirstView Financial is able to provide any details as to why they might be performing a "systems update," stating only that it is for improvement.

-Both companies have shown a readiness to conduct underhanded and deceitful tactics to cover up what is actually transpiring.

Speculation and Common Sense Reasoning

Anyone knows that no "systems update" takes 3 days, let alone three weeks. Yet after 3 weeks, it appears that there is no plans to bring back cash withdrawals via the ATM card, cash-back pin transactions or ACH transfers. Furthermore, the BitPay system has functioned flawlessly for years. And if there was no reason to lie, than bitpay could have easily displayed messages in their app warning users or prominently on their homepage, or even as an alert when logging into a users account- they did not. It further appears they are telling people that they recieved an email that was never sent.

The most plausible explanation is that they are under investigation for failing to comply with AML and KYC regulations required by a crypto-fiat exchange. Had their suspension of Cash access been a well planned undertaking, then it could be argued that they simply planned to phase that out to avoid the costs associated with proper identity verification, but their willingness to lie, and convince FirstView Financial to lie suggests that they in fact are working hard to cover up the truth.

With this in mind, I do not think it is unreasonable to question the conrinued future access to any funds deposited to a prepaid BitPay Visa debit card- even if the user only wishes to spend them at certain merchants with a signature transaction.

What to Do

-Firstly, I suggest anyone with any funds on a BitPay Visa Debit all call FirstView Financial LLC and demand access to their CASH. While FirstView will insist that they are not in control, every person with cash in a BitPay Visa Debit account has an account- unlinked to BitPay in any regard- solely in their own name. No bank is allowed to restrict access to its customers funds (up to $ 250,000 at a time), saying they can only "spend" the money at merchants who accept Visa.

-Demand answers from BitPay! They are being offensive in trying to say they are conducting a systems upgrade.

-Demand BitPay reverse any and all deposits made without this knowledge.

-Make complaints against BitPay and FirstView Financial, LLC to any regulatory body that will take them.

-Finally, this is a legally actionable offense. I am currently seeking an adequate law firm willing to take on a class action suit against both companies- if anyone can help in that endeavour, please comment below.


Let's not let these two Companies' reckles, careless and fraudulent activities tarnish the reputation of Bitcoin. Let's not let another individual profit by lying to the community!

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

BitPay is f*cking up bitcoins adoption

I tried to buy a simple domain with bitcoin today on using BitPay just to check out how smooth the whole payment process is.

After clicking on namecheap's 'PURCHASE NOW' button, a mysterious looking BitPay popup occurred. I entered my email just in case I needed a refund, clicked on continue and this is what I got:

Well, I was using the wallet in a google chrome OSX Browser and I had no way to scan this QR code. They just fapped a QR Code right into this shit hole and thought it was okay to let the desktop users rot in hell. Seriously, WHY IS IT SO HARD TO PROVIDE AN ADDRESS? Fuck off with your 'Make it simple and intuitive' approach. B*tch just give me an address so I can quickly copy it in my wallet. Who in his right mind thought it was okay to ship a product like this to the mass? AHHHH….

Anyways, I clicked on the 'Open in Wallet' button, checked my tab and nothing happened. I repeated this step numerous times, but the result was always the same and it was clear to me that I had to download the mobile app to scan the QR code, because yeah, bitgay wants to be smart and thought adding a simple address is not good enough.

At this time I was already pissed but I downloaded the mobile app anyways just to try it out. Scanned the code and an error occurred. Well, after researching a bit, I found out that bitpay only accepts 'Payment Protocol-compatible' wallets and, one of the biggest or even the biggest wallets, is not one of them. Why did nobody tell me this? Bitpay, why is it so hard to tell this to your customers? Why do I have to waste my fucking time and destroy my joy of using bitcoin?

I ended up purchasing the domain with paypal. This took me 5 seconds.

Thanks for fucking this up BitPay.



bitpay sucks

forces users to use specific wallets that comply with their bullshit

newbies don't know shit and are getting annoyed af

f*ck them up

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Remember to use DeBitpay if you need to buy via the deceptive payment processor Bitpay.

Today I used Bitpay to buy a TV from a retailer in my area and since I use a Trezor and Samurai Wallet my wallet is unable to decode their payment and since they don't just show an address and sum I need to use this tool to extract that information.

Bitpay in it's payment would've made me pay 6.956 sat/b but instead I paid 1.357 sat/b and it got confirmed 28 min or 2nd block since creation. Bitpay and it deceptive measures with fees is directly tied to rogers, jihans, fakesatoshis bshit.

I don't why roger would say that 2 cents is to much and have a big say in a service that suggest you pay 5x that.

I also noticed that the address I was going to send the Satoshis to is an address that already has been used and spent from… which has it downsides.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet