Bittrex has stolen my money.

Bittrex deactivated my account weeks ago for no reason, with thousands on it. I can not move any of my crypto or trade it. They do not respond to support tickets or tweets and don't provide a way to access their slack. I am starting to think they will never give me my money back. This seems to be happening to many others too.

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Ticket 522608

Beware of Bittrex.

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Bittrex Customers Locked Out: Are Crypto Exchanges Ready for Bitcoin? (

Bittrex users took to social media to voice their concerns: something is wrong at the third largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Customers openly complain they’re having issues with withdrawals, and this has been going on for weeks. Certainly every popular platform has had its share of problems with runs in the wake of price spikes, but until yesterday the exchange offered no formal, public explanation.  


Bittrex / Disabled Locking 120,000$ Inside.

I've been using them without a problem since 2016 then suddenly they disabled my account on 22th October without a further notice. I've sent them many tickets regarding my account their answer was "Your account under review" and they've been Ignoring me since then.

October 24 Portfolio

November 11 Portfolio


Ticket #290258 I'll update this thread If It's resolved.

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