Bitcoin world CAPITAL – Japan's SECRET billion dollar plan for cryptocurrency price BOOM

South Korea introduced a raft of measures last month aimed at regulating Bitcoin and similar currencies such as Ripple and Ethereum. A ban on anonymous trading was implemented by the Asian power in a bid to crack down on all possible criminal activities the secret nature of trading Bitcoin allowed.
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Missed the Bitcoin boom? Check out these five rising cryptocoins

Bitcoin is so 2017. If you missed out as the virtual currency soared from $ 1,000 to over $ 19,000, here's five other digital assets you can jump into with your holiday cash and try to ride the next wave. If $ 14,000 for a bitcoin sounds too pricey — even though you can buy a fractional piece of almost any …
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Indian Entrepreneurs Rush to Launch Crypto Companies Following Bitcoin Boom (

Despite the government ramping up regulatory measures for bitcoin traders and exchanges, Indian entrepreneurs are rushing to set up companies with bitcoin or cryptocurrency-related words in their names.
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Bitcoin Boom Draws Record Number of Indian Investors According to Exchanges

“The extent of interest in Bitcoins is at unprecedented levels. Every time prices increase, investors who were sitting on the fence and were skeptical do enter the ecosystem. This time it almost feels like mainstream adoption, something I have never experienced before, because now we are seeing interest …
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