Dow Jones Primed for a 100-Point Boost on US-China Trade Optimism

US President Donald Trump is scheduled to meet China’s President Xi’s special trade talk envoy Liu He today. The meeting could mean progress in US-China trade talks and set the Dow Jones and US Stock Markets on track for an end of week boost. Donald Trump to Meet China’s Vice Premier Liu He Liu He is the designated top negotiator for China. With the March 2 trade resolution deadline looming time is running out for the US and China to make a deal. After March 1 tariffs on Chinese imports could double without a firm resolution on the table. The

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The Bitcoin Bank Run on 3rd Jan can boost the price of BTC

Just like regular Banks, Bitcoin exchanges only hold a fraction of the Bitcoins they claim to hold for us.

A properly and significant executed Bank run on the exchanges can force them to stack up there Bitcoin holdings. Granted they wont have to have a backing of every single BTC holdings they officially have.

But they might have only 20% of the Bitcoin they display to have, if the Proof of Keys/Bitcoin Independence day gets enough traction, they might have to buy up alot of Bitcoin from the market in order to be able to keep the service up and withdrawals possible.

Everybody join in the Bitcoin Bank run!!!!!

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