I’m a 45 year old with arthritis and I built an anonymous futures exchange (Gold, Crude Oil, Sports, etc.) in C#; All trades settle in Bitcoin; Site is very rough, needs some QA / testing

The site: https://www.bitfutures.co

TLDR: I work in the futures industry and thought it might be fun to build a simple, anonymous futures exchange that uses Bitcoin as a settlement mechanism instead of fiat. My ultimate goal is to discover some talented futures traders to whom my company (a financial firm in hedge fund space) can allocate trading capital.

For now I'm just looking for 2 or 3 guys to buy (or short) a couple of different futures contracts on my site and let me know how things work for you. Shoot me an email and let me know you're participating. I'll try to provide a bid/ask in your market of interest so you can execute a market order or alternatively, try placing a limit order and I'll trade with you.


  • SegWit support (bech32 addresses only; no P2SH support just yet);

  • New binary futures contracts (e.g. 'prediction markets') which settle at 0.00 or 100.00 based on the outcome of NHL hockey games and MMA fights. See the /markets page for a complete list of markets.


  • I designed this site on my own so needless to say it doesn't have the level of polish that one might expect from a professional dev team. I acknowledge that it has a bit of an 'amateur' vibe right now and is still a work in progress.

  • Do NOT deposit more than $ 100.00 (apprx .01) worth of BTC for this trial.

  • Deposits will be visible in your ledger after two confirmations or approximately twenty minutes.

  • When withdrawing your funds, a transaction fee rate will be recommended to you. You can use that rate or choose a custom rate. If you enter a custom fee rate lower than 10 sat/byte, your transaction may remain unconfirmed for an inordinate amount of time. Please see https://bitcoinfees.earn.com/ for fee rate recommendations.

  • Bitcoin is the only crypto supported. Please don't send BCash.


site: https://www.bitfutures.co

Gale Boetticher email: Gale.Boetticher@BitFutures.io BitMessage: BM-2cXAXMG5KGBxt1pJUFPAEJq5cuFdwi53Pi

EDIT: Got rid of the confusing ".io" TLD for the site's domain name; now ".co";

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

NY Agreement software being built to be deliberately and unnecessarily incompatible with the existing SegWit deployment

Jeff Garzik is developing a new piece of software, intended to implement the New York Agreement, which can be seen here:


The software will flag bit 4, but not bit 1, which means SegWit will not activate and existing nodes will not allow witness data on the Bitcoin p2p network already in use. This means a new p2p network may need to be set up, which could take many months of development and testing, and means the network will be very complex, with three p2p networks.

Flagging both bit 4 AND bit 1, such that the software is compatible with both SegWit and the NY Agreement can be done. It has even been implemented in BIP91. There is no clear reason for rejecting BIP91, and doing so appears destructive and potentially malicious.

When questions Jeff stated:

So the real answer is that we want to be maximally compatible with segwit within the bounds of the charter – a safe network upgrade to segwit-AND-2m. Post-hashpower-activation segwit2x will be the only segwit, for all intents and purposes, so deviations pre-activation would simply be legacy code post-.

I am not sure what this response means. It appears as if the software needs to do something unnecessarily stupid to be compliant with the "charter". Is this really what NY Agreement participants signed up for?

Please can we end these stupid games and do what is best for Bitcoin. It seems the NY Agreement has intentions other than SegWit and a hardfork later on, but instead some participants seem intent on causing delays, complexity or trouble.

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