Segwit, Schnorr signatures, MAST, MimbleWimble, Bulletproofs, Confidential Transactions, Sidechains, Drivechains, Lightning Network, and moar that hasn’t been thought of yet. Tell me again how Bitcoin isn’t going to scale or have privacy?

Go on trolls, give me your best FUD.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Bulletproofs presentation at Feb 2 Milan Meetup (Andrew Poelstra)

Video here, slides here (not readable in video)

Quick highlights:

  • Bulletproofs are general zero knowledge proofs (like SNARKs)
  • They allow efficient rangeproofs for Confidential Transactions
  • Aggregation possible within a transaction for logarithmic space saving
  • Batch validation possible for roughly a 10x speed increase
  • Can be used to extend the idea of scriptless scripts, among others

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet