Free Money for Everyone Sounds Great, But Finland Proves Basic Income is a Bust

Universal basic income experiments and other plans that seek to distribute free money seem wonderful considering so many people struggle to make ends meet because of their limited incomes. In the U.S., many legislators have called for federal and or/state governments to trial these economic policies. One recent proposal actually calls for people to receive money from the government even if they are unwilling to work! As lawmakers and supporters champion such ideas, it would behoove them to look beyond the U.S. border to countries who have already taken a stab at basic income. Finland took up the effort, and the

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Bitcoin bust? Price falls below $7000 – a third of its value earlier this year

The Japanese government officially recognized bitcoin as a form of currency last year and started licensing exchanges. But regulators have stepped up scrutiny of the industry after about $ 530 million in digital currency was stolen from an exchange in January. New rules in Europe that limit the amount of …
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Netherlands Police Bust a Massive Darknet Vendor Under New Aliases (

Netherlands police ended the career of one of the largest darknet dealers involved in the MDMA, ecstasy, and cocaine trade. According to the official press release, the four suspects were behind the vendor accounts Doug-Heffernan, Smurfs, Mr. Bubblebgum, Rubiks and DrugsGames. They shipped tens of thousands of packages across the globe, police said.