I’m not bullish on Bitcoin. I’m bearish on USD. I’m not buying Bitcoin. I’m selling USD. Bitcoin is how I plan to protect myself from inflation, economic uncertainty, and corruption within the financial system.

I'm not bullish on Bitcoin. I'm bearish on USD. I'm not buying Bitcoin. I'm selling USD. Bitcoin is how I plan to protect myself from inflation, economic uncertainty, and corruption within the financial system. submitted by /u/Smilinmong
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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Who else feels really good about buying in right now?

48 hours remain until 2019, and bitties are hella cheap right now. 2018 is done, 2019 is… hell, NO ONE has any idea what the fuck is about to happen in 2019. Not just for bitcoin, but for anything. We're quite literally in.. brand new territory. We're pioneers on this new, futuristic horizon. I can tell that 2019 is going to be a good year. It feels so damn good. Things are going to change. Things are going to get turned over. Things are going to take off.
I believe that. And I feel that right now, Bitcoin is the cheapest that it will be, for a very long time. Now is the fucking time.
No one is talking about Bit. This is the time. I tasted success in the last run. Bitcoin actually seems to make its big changes at a yearly basis. I don't think it's coincidence that going into 2019, it is so low.
My stocks have been suffering, which leads me to believe that the dollar is.. more volatile than it has been in recent years. This gives me more reason to believe that Bitcoin will re-emerge as a currency. I believe people will say "Oh YEAH. Remember that crypto currency that blew up last year? Let's look into THAT."
Banks will realize the power of Bitcoin. Businesses. Well, more businesses (A LOT of vendors accept Bitcoin these days, if you simply inquire about it.) will.
I'm feeling so damn good about this. For people that bought in at 6500k or higher, maybe for you, this sucks. But for us getting in right now, there's no better feeling.
Let's jig off this bitcoin in 2019 boys.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

The Square Cash App is Awesome! My experience buying bitcoin there vs. Coinbase

I wanted to talk about how incredible the Square Cash App is to buy Bitcoin. The major reason imo that it is much better than Coinbase is because they make it so easy to verify your identity and they take far less time to allow you to transfer Bitcoin off of their site.

Coinbase was never able to verify my identity even though I tried submitting pictures of my license on multiple occasions.

With the square app. I was verified within 24 hours and the software was far easier to use than the Coinbase system. All it asks you to do is line up the front of your license with the camera on your phone and it gives you an outline that automatically takes the picture when the software determines that it is centered perfectly. It then asks you to do the same thing for the back of your license. Finally, it asks you to take a picture of your face and it gives you an outline to do that as well but you can choose when you are centered correctly in the picture. Once that is done it tells you that it will tell you when it's ready. I messed up on the picture of my face initially so it asked me to try again. The second time they accepted my information and I was then able to withdraw to an exchange that I've been looking to add more to my holdings. That part was super easy as well. All I had to do was scan a qr code on the screen of my pc and it automatically knew the bitcoin address without me having to type it in and it initiated the transaction.

The software is great, the fees are extremely low to buy and sell. I actually made a 4 dollar profit that I was able to withdraw instantly using their instant withdraw feature for a fee of .06 cents.

I think Coinbase is in big trouble and probably Paypal as well.

I'm not shilling for them either and I own no stock in the company. I have no idea if their money sending service is good or not. But if you want to buy Bitcoin with as little hassle as possible I can't recommend this app enough.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

I’ve been buying bitcoins since the first time it hit $1,000. Hear me out

That was several years ago. I have never sold a single bitcoin, and although I kinda wish I did when it hit $ 19,000, I didn't know where it would go. Those people telling you to sell at $ 19k because it was obvious it was overpriced would have told you the same at 9k, 10k, 11k, 12k, etc. Fact is, if bitcoin could reach 19k, it could reach 30k, 40k, no problems.

I've bought my first bitcoin during the bitcoin craze, when it broke $ 1,000 USD. It then crashed to $ 200 but at this point, I was hooked, and kept buying with a budget of $ 1,000 per month. This includes buying bitcoins at $ 200, $ 300, $ 500, etc. This includes YEARS of having no return on my bitcoin investment while stock soared.

My thought today?

Well, I am now buying $ 2,000 of bitcoins every month. I don't plan on selling in the next 5+ years unless we get a crazy run and the price is so high I can't refuse – but even there, it will be hoping for a crash (which we may or may not get, don't believe the naysayers) to buy even more bitcoins.

I fundamentally believe in bitcoins. I think they will last. I think they will keep going up and I think this is the best way to store money, savings-wise, for the long term. People telling you that bitcoins aren't based on stocks and a business forget that businesses crash all the time too. Look at EA and NVDA for instance, down nearly 50% in the last month.

Bitcoins DO have a business and it's being a parallel financial system. I won't do a full study of them here, but there definitely is a need for bitcoins worldwide. I am self-employed and am often paid in bitcoins simply because it's faster and cheaper than paypal et al. Paypal takes as much as 10% in fees for me and it's days before I can get the money. Trading bitcoins in person, I can avoid nearly all fees and even charge a premium.

Bitcoins aren't going anywhere. Et her might or might not suceed (my own guess is that it suceeds, but that's what it is: a guess), the rest of cryptos might or not be there in ten years, but bitcoins will be there. Other cryptos NEED bitcoins to suceed to even exist because it's the golden standard. 100% of my savings are in bitcoins and I will conclude by saying this:

People say bitcoins "died" all the time. It was the same when it hit $ 200 last time. People would tell me to sell and recoup some of my losses, that bitcoin was going back to 1 cent, etc. People don't know shit. People don't know where it's going. I don't know where it's going. I think it's going up, I think bitcoins are barely starting and I will say this, companies that spend $ 100M+ to develop new ASICS for bitcoins seem to think that bitcoins are valuable too.

Lastly, the trading price on exchanges is misleading because it can be heavily manipulated. Wallet A can easily "sell" his bitcoin to wallet B and it would be part of the trading volume. I don't trust short-term price. I think a fairer price for bitcoins would be the average of the last 12 months or something like that.

TLDR: I am not afraid for bitcoins future at all, it is already used a lot and it is truly game-changing. It's the best crypto and the one most likely to suceed. Stop panicking and ignore the FUD from trolls. People bash bitcoins because:

  1. They are jealous of those who became rich using it.
  2. They take solace at looking at recent price actions and comfort themselves for not buying bitcoin at $ 200: "See, I knew it was a bit idea, I would be down so much!"
  3. They're pissed off that stocks are down so much. A lot of people who bashed bitcoins were WAY too invested in tech and also old fossils like GE, which are plumetting, and this is their way to let steam out. Keep buying if you can and ignore the fear.

My own personal projection is that bitcoin doesn't move much in 2018-2019, sticks around $ 2.5k-$ 4.5k, then soars randomly in late 2020, probably hitting 30-40k without any problem.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet