Bitcoin Price Steady as Bank of England Exec Calls Cryptocurrency a Failure

Bitcoin's price held steady in the last 24 hours even as the Bank of England's governor Mark Carney declared the cryptocurrency a failure. According to Carney, bitcoin had “pretty much failed” as far as “the traditional aspects of money” were concerned. “It is not a store of value because it is all over the …
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Calls for “Legal Bitcoin” in Ukraine, as Natsbank Mulls E-Fiat (

Ukraine, now serious about crypto regulation, is setting up a special working group to oversee the completion of the necessary framework. Dedicated legislation has been making its way through parliament since October. The National Bank is considering plans to emit “e-hryvnias”, while the justice minister says bitcoin is a fact and calls for its legalization.


Dennis Gartman calls bitcoin a 'silly' idea, warns it will eventually crash under $5000

"I'm very bearish on bitcoin, I think it's one of the silliest ideas I've heard in a long time," he said. "To be separated from the brilliance of the block chain, [makes even] tulips in [17th]century Holland look almost like a quiet, well-demeanored market," Gartman said, using a frequently invoked analogy of the …
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Parity Calls for Ethereum Hard Fork to Reverse $230 Million Bug (

Hard forks to reset a cryptocurrency to a previous state can be very contentious, tearing apart communities of supporters into warring factions. Ethereum already underwent such a scenario after the DAO debacle, creating a precedent, and now Parity is asking for a hard fork. 
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Egypt Finance Attorney General Calls for International Governance of Bitcoin (

The First Attorney General of Financial Affairs for Egypt announced at a continental conference of prosecutors how international legislation is needed to address bitcoin in the light of evidence, he claims, it is being used to fund terror. The country was rocked just two years ago when the the Prosecutor General was assassinated. More recently the acting successor to the position was also targeted, but narrowly escaped an attempt on his life last year.   
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