PSA: This is the calm before the storm.

A lot of fringe “investors” and “believers” are losing interest and hope right now. Maybe they got in unwittingly during the fast march up from 10-20k, who knows.

The sentiment right now from mainstream types is quickly waning. Meanwhile, the groundwork that is currently being laid is FAR greater than even 3 months ago when we were at our all time high.

Let’s also not forget the active price pegging the futures markets are providing on a DAILY basis to give institutional grade requirements for the inevitable ETFs that may eventually be approved.

The fact that we are waddling between these prices and hitting even 12,000 with little fanfare leads me to believe the next leg up towards $ 100,000+ , we will then see some true FOMO.

Stay strong boys, we are the captains of this ship.

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