Jimmy Nguyen Discusses Nchain’s New Investment Arm and Bitcoin Cash (news.bitcoin.com)

Earlier this week the blockchain technology-based research and development organization, Nchain, announced a strategic partnership with ‘SBI Bits,’ a subsidiary of SBI Holding’s core fintech strategy branch. In addition to this news, Nchain recently appointed Jimmy Nguyen as its Chief Executive Officer in order to tackle the ‘next chapter’ of the firm’s roadmap. News.Bitcoin.com decided to discuss the company’s recent developments this week with Mr. Nguyen, who tells us 2018 is going to be a…


After Roger Ver openly admitting that he will promote Bitcoin Cash as Bitcoin we all should report the website as a phishing site to google!

Source for the claim: https://np.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/7jg265/1000000_bitcoin_cash_wallets_have_now_been/dr6qf17/

Go here to report: https://safebrowsing.google.com/safebrowsing/report_phish/

Roger Ver's site: www.bitcoin.com

As pointed out by /u/codedaway below, report /r/btc also to reddit for violating reddit's self promotion rules.

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Feds moving quickly to cash in on seized bitcoin, now worth $8.4 million

Given Bitcoin's incredible rise in price over the last year, the sale is likely to result in the highest number of dollars of any forfeited cryptocurrency associated with a criminal bust. In 2014, nearly 30,000 bitcoins that once belonged to the notorious Silk Road website were sold to Tim Draper, a well-known …
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Bitcoin Cash Will Close Out 2017 With Significant Infrastructure Support (news.bitcoin.com)

The end of the year is approaching, and the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network and community have continued to see significant growth. From merchant acceptance, cryptocurrency businesses integrating support, and many other additions to the BCH economy, shows that bitcoin cash will have some robust infrastructure for 2018.
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Viabtc Announces New Cryptocurrency Exchange With Bitcoin Cash as Base Currency (news.bitcoin.com)

The mining pool Viabtc has announced that it will launch a new cryptocurrency exchange based in the United Kingdom. The exchange, Coinex, will exclusively host cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency markets and will use Bitcoin Cash as its base trading pair.
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