This UK Rehab Center Wants to Cure Your Bitcoin Addiction

Castle Craig, a rehab center in Scotland, has been a top-rated alcohol, sex addiction, and drug rehab center for years. Recently, they’ve also begun treating Bitcoin addicts. Scottish Rehab Center Castle Craig Welcomes Bitcoin Addicts According to a Motherboard documentary, the program has been running for about a year. The patient most focused on in the video said that his addiction to Bitcoin news and trading led to other dependencies, including drugs and alcohol. “If you’re predisposed to addiction, it will just grasp you and it won’t let you go. And it will destroy your life,” says Tony Marini, a

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The biggest shopping center in Slovenia intruduced its plan for bitcoin payments today! Great step towards crypto adoption.

An article on Bitcoin adoption has been published on our biggest media news site today. The biggest and most visited shopping center in Ljubljana, Slovenia called BTC (stands for blagovno-trgovinski center) is going to implement Bitcoin payments via mobile app. They are already testing the system in 24 different stores with 150 chosen costumers and they will extend the system (after a short testing period) on to all users. This is a great news for crypto adoption.

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