"This shouldn’t even be a public debate. It’s like the public debating and voting on the graphite reactors that prevent a nuclear reactor from overheating and melting down. There are certain things you should let the engineers decide." – Nick Szabo (reddi

Taken from the Tim Ferris Podcast interview with Nick Szabo and Naval Ravikant. Audio Version Transcript Tim Ferris: Nick, what are the biggest misconceptions or common misunderstandings related to cryptocurrency or Bitcoin? If there’s anything where you’re like “God, this drives me nuts. If I hear…


How can a light client be certain he got all relevant transactions?

With merkle trees, a light client can be sure some transactions he receives are correct with a minimal amount of the blockchain data. How can such a client, though, be sure he received all the relevant transactions from/to his address, in order to know his full balance? What if his peer censured some transactions for some reason?

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