“Bitcoin itself cannot scale to have every single financial transaction in the world be broadcast to everyone and included in the block chain. There needs to be a secondary level of payment systems which is lighter weight and more efficient.” -Hal Finney, Dec 2010

R.I.P. my Satoshi Nakamoto.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

New Chain Platform Ivy Brings Smart Contracts to Bitcoin (news.bitcoin.com)

Smart contracts – self-executing pieces of code – are most commonly associated with the ethereum network. Long before Vitalik Buterin tried to sell a fake quantum mining computer and dreamed up his “global supercomputer”, however, Satoshi Nakamoto saw the potential for smart contracts, even though the term had yet to be popularized. The bitcoin blockchain is now a step closer to having its own self-executable agreements thanks to the arrival of Ivy.


Segwit2x is NOT a fork…it is intended to supplant the existing bitcoin chain in effectively a hostile takeover

I am seeing many people getting excited about the coming Segwit2x "fork", thinking they will be getting a new batch of B2X coins, similar to what happened with BCH. To be clear, in November, when the miners begin mining larger blocks, there is no replay protection, and your existing bitcoins will effectively be co-opted to become part of the B2X chain. There has been little to no testing on what that means for everyone who does NOT want to adopt BTC1 based code. They have not done any testing because Garzik, Silbert et al are expecting the original bitcoin chain to simply be eliminated. If this does not alarm you, then it should.

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