I’m going into a scan to find out if my cancer is going to end my life in a few months, or if I still have a fighting chance. Bitcoin is only money! Don’t worry if you lose some currency here or there!

Wish me luck! Maybe I'll be a little more rich with my .19coins when I wake up in a few hours!

And here is me, hating my life, 20min after surgery. Yes that is a picture blanket of all of the family/friends and it is the absolute best gift I've ever gotten. Me after my scope

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Nevada Takes a Chance on Pro-Blockchain Legislation (bitcoinmagazine.com)

Known as the Silver State, Nevada has a long established reputation for relaxed laws pertaining legalized gambling, corporate asset protection and business privacy. Now, in a move certain to be closely watched by other U.S. states, Nevada Senate Bill 398 was recently signed by the Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, and officially passed into law under the state’s…


"Every day that goes by and Bitcoin hasn't collapsed due to legal or technical problems, that brings new information to the market. It increases the chance of Bitcoin's eventual success and justifies a higher price." – Hal Finney (reddit.com)