PR: Farewell, Retailers: How Ins Ecosystem Plans to Change the Consumer Goods Market (

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The global market for consumer goods is gaining speed: according to Persistence Market Research, this rapidly growing one will be worth $ 8.5 trillion by 2020. In three years, the…


Message to Core: We need PoW Change. Now.

Whether it be for the S2X bullshit, or the fact that 90%+ of hashing power is centralized in the bitmain cartel, we need a PoW change that can sustain the effects of ASIC manufacturing. Equishash is NOT the answer, and Core's focus needs to be aimed at an ASIC resistant hashing function.

We now see the true effects of what a 51% attack could mean. A ASIC-resistant, or ASIC-impossible solution needs to be found. We're looking at having Bitcoin taken from beneath us if we don't act now. And this will NOT be the only attack we will see in this style. Core has a responsibility to Bitcoin to put their effort into this.

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According to Coinbase revised 'clarification' miners can change any consensus rules unilaterally (

According to Coinbase and Gemini whatever chain has the most POW “is bitcoin”. This means that miners are allowed to change any and all consensus rules, even the 21 million coin limit, freely and at will because they control 51% hashpower. According to their statements this is only criteria. Not consensus from the market, economic majority, node operators, or technical community. Just hashpower and nothing more. They should have stuck with the original statement. BTC is BTC. And S2X is S2X….


BTC address with a funny statement on a Canadian five-dollar bill I got as change today! (

I went to a convenience store today and got back 5 dollars in change. When I was walking away and putting the bill back in my wallet, I noticed that there was something written on it! Here is a picture I took of the bill: Out of curiosity I went to to check the wallet. The balance is 0 BTC (for now) haha. Wallet address:…