How the bear market unexpectedly changed my life.

Just wanted to share how the bear market has positively affected my life. Having been involved since early 2017, this is my first bear market and I rode the euphoria the whole way from 1k to 20k and back to where we are now. I am a self employed taxi driver in Dublin, and a few months ago decided to forget about my investments and assume the money is gone forever.

To counter this, I now wake up at 4.30am every weekday, and go to bed at 20.30. My workday starts at 5am and finishes at midday. While this is only 7 hours per day, I earn more than my previous schedule working 10 hours a day. It’s also great to be out working when the sun is rising, as opposed to it setting. I’m not sure how, but it has completely changed my mood, mental health and general outlook.

Waking early not only allows me to complete my day’s work before lunch time, it has also allowed me to eat healthier, work out better and spend more time with my loved ones, not to mention not having to work weekends, and earning more money.

I have dedicated the last 6 months of my life to improving other efficiencies, such as money management, household management, time management etc. In fact, every aspect of my life has drastically improved since I began rising at 4.30. No matter what you do for a living, I’m sure your life can be drastically improved by getting up and out early.

And I know that bitcoin will always be there, and when I see the little roller coaster guy back doing what he does best, I will go into the next bull market a new improved man.

Feel free to share any other lifestyle tips etc, on how you’ve improved your life as the bears keep us down.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Everything changed after 10,000…….

  • My wife doesn't think I'm crazy
  • My friends want to know more
  • My mother brags to other people about her son
  • General dissenters everywhere are stunned
  • I think about how I can take care of the ones I love
  • My manhood is 4 inches longer (not really)

  • Most important: I have a lot more confidence in this investment / experiment / experience

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet