Everything changed after 10,000…….

  • My wife doesn't think I'm crazy
  • My friends want to know more
  • My mother brags to other people about her son
  • General dissenters everywhere are stunned
  • I think about how I can take care of the ones I love
  • My manhood is 4 inches longer (not really)

  • Most important: I have a lot more confidence in this investment / experiment / experience

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

IGOT IGOT.com have changed their name to BITLIO https://www.bitlio.com/ #bitcoin #btc #scams

Hi All,

A warning to all BTC users do not trust https://www.bitlio.com/ they are Igot.com.

Igot are a well documented scam, they still owe holders many millions of Fiat dollars and BTC.

Until they repay funds owed to depositors, I would be very wary.

I am owed a stack of cash and BTC so are these people https://www.facebook.com/groups/832426393551325/

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