Charge backs on bitcoins

The bitcoin page here ( says that bitcoins don’t allow chargebacks.

In the current system, credit cards provide a system of checks and balances and provide arbitration when there are disputes. If I buy a item on the internet and find out that I didn’t receive the correct item, I can complain to the credit card company, and they will look at both sides and make a decision whether my dispute is correct or not. Further, when I buy an item off a eCommerce store (which is going to become more and more prevalent in the next few decades), I cant check that the item I am receiving is correct or according to what the merchant said.

If I were to use bitcoins instead, I have no way to getting my money back, if the merchant turned out to be a fraud. As a result, I will have less trust on buying items off the internet, as a result, eCommerce wont work as a result bitcoins wont work. eCommerce is definitely going to be here, so this leads me to the conclusion that bitcoins maynot work, unless there are other services that provide that arbitration service. Are there companies that are providing that arbitration (insurance against fraud) for bitcoin transactions?

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