Bitcoin Is a Massive Scam, Former PayPal CEO Bill Harris Claims

Bill Harris, former Paypal CEO and founder of Personal Capital, wrote an editorial for Recode regarding Bitcoin on Tuesday. He did not hold back his feelings on the cryptocurrency calling it a “scam” and having “no value.” His barrage of ridicule wasn't limited to Bitcoin as he pointed out other digital …
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Nominee to New York Federal Reserve Claims That Crypto Isn’t Currency (

The current president and chief executive officer of the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank, and the man expected to soon be the New York Federal Reserve Bank, John Williams, has rejected the suggestion that cryptocurrencies comprise currency.
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John Williams Claims Bitcoin Can Never Become a Proper Currency

It has become apparent that the state of New York does not take kindly to cryptocurrencies. In fact, it is one of the most hostile places in the world to set up a Bitcoin enterprise right now, which is not a positive development. This sentiment is reflected in potential New York Fed President John Williams' …
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Constellation claims to be 1000x faster than Bitcoin or Ethereum

Constellation has announced its emergence from stealth mode with a horizontally scalable protocol that it claims is at least 1000x faster than Bitcoin or Ethereum. In addition, the Proof-of-Meme model claims to make blockchain technology meritocratic, infinitely scalable and useful for both consumer- …
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Korea Investigates 20 Public Companies for Using Crypto Claims to Boost Share Prices (

The South Korean financial authorities are investigating 20 publicly listed companies for unfairly using cryptocurrency claims to boost their share prices. Crypto-related companies do not always follow through with their plans after seeing their share prices surge.
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