This period is like your favorite restaurant closing for a remodel.

Everyone loses while it's closed. Some customers are lost foever, some complain that it didn't need to change and others can't wait till it reopens.

There's not much anyone can do but when it reopens the service will be much faster and hopefully bring in more customers.

Lets hope that the remodel prevents anyone from standing in the doorways slowing people from getting in and out. In other words preventing spamming efforts that falsely slow down transactions, drive up fees and create a phony urgency to scale recklessly.

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Ethereum Devs Applaud the Audience at Devcon’s Closing

Microsoft took the headlines today with their announcement of Benchley, which makes it easy to create your own ethereum based private blockchain, Cryptolet, a smart contracts oracle, and Enclaves, “an area of the chip itself where you can have code and have data run that is tamper resistant,” according to Marley Gray, head of Microsoft’s […]

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