IBM Smashes Analyst Estimates, But Can it Catch Cloud Rivals Amazon & Google?

By Remember when IBM was the technology trailblazer? It seemed every innovation out of Big Blue took off, leaving any other company that dared to compete in the dust. Well, the tables have turned. No longer is IBM the standout in the technology space, and one of the reasons relates to the strides being … Continued

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Philippines Regulator Issues Warning to Cloud Mining Participants (

This week the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) revealed to the public that it plans to enforce securities regulations against cloud mining operations. According to the SEC’s statement, the regulatory agency believes these types of contracts should be defined as “securities.”
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Crypto Community Fears Passage of the CLOUD Act (

The Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data (CLOUD) Act just passed – almost in secret – tucked deep inside a voluminous spending package of well over a trillion dollars. No debate. No up or down vote on the merits of CLOUD. Instead, lawmakers would have had to reject the entire bill, thousands of pages, and risk government shutdown, in order to mount any kind of opposition. CLOUD is a broadening of international law enforcement power when it comes to online activity, and the crypto community…


PR: Marketing Cloud Lydian Announces New Investment from Prolific Blockchain Investor, Chris Rouland and Announcement of New Advisers (

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Lydian announced it has obtained a new investment and add two new advisors to its advisory board. Chris Rouland, a serial entrepreneur the founder of Endgame, Bastille Networks and…