We’re Freeriders: Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes, Worth $500 Million, Wants to Pay Higher Taxes

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes is back advocating for higher taxes for wealthy Americans. This is not the first time Hughes is calling on the government to take a step to help low-income Americans trying to make ends meet. Hughes spoke on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” saying: As a member of that 1-percent, 0.1-percent, I can tell you, I can afford a little bit higher taxes, and it would make my life better. The point is clear — my taxes should be higher. Hughes, who is the author of Fair Shot: Rethinking Inequality and How We Earn has been an advocate for

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[AMA] I’m nopara73, co-founder of Wasabi Wallet. Ask Me Anything.

Hi, I’m nopara73 and I’ll be taking your questions for as long as they run out or I collapse from exhaustion.

Wasabi is an open source, privacy focused desktop wallet that utilizes coinjoins – trustless Bitcoin mixing. I founded it with another developer /u/lontivero and two lawyers /u/bharmat and /u/hgergoil, who are also going to hop in to this conversation.

Feel free to ask me about it, about future privacy improvements, about Bitcoin development in general or anything else. I hope there is at least some demand for this fungibility AMA. Ask me anything!


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