Mt Gox Coin Movement Telegram Notifications (Plus Tether Printing)

Hello r/Bitcoin,

We're the guys who posted about the Mt. Gox coins moving last week.

Since the post kinda took off in here, we've had a bunch of users ask for access to our bot for notifications when the coins move. Also, we kinda feel like we owe you one, considering the news scoops provided on r/Bitcoin and other crypto subreddits are better than those provided by an army of VAs!

Therefore, we've added the following to our telegram channel:

  • Instant notifications when Mt. Gox BTC coins move
  • Instant notifications when Tether prints fiat, including via the ERC20 contracts

Disclaimer: Curated news from our site is posted to the channel also.

Hope some of you find this useful, we're trying to provide real value in our channel and have a few more nifty tools lined up. We're also open to any suggestions.

You can find our channel via the website ( or at " / bloktcrypto" (automod doesn't seem to like TG links).

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