Hi r/Bitcoin. I’m Emiliano Pagnotta, Assistant Professor of Finance at Imperial College Business School. I just published a research paper on the fundamental value and the price of Bitcoin (see link). I’m holding an AMA on the topic here on Mon 16 April at 11am ET

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

College students are using student loans to invest in bitcoin. Yes, really

If you were to pick two things that could define the financial future of today's college students, you could do worse than “bitcoin” and “crippling student loans.” So what happens when you combine the tantalizing prospect of a new global currency with a long future of monthly debt payments? Apparently …
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Man Arrested For Selling Darknet Drug to College Students (deepd.tw)

Following the recent reports of a high rise in Darknet related drugs among the youth, authorities have taken positions on the various Darknet platforms to arrest suppliers. The Ohio authorities have produced one other evidence of the ongoing drug trade by arresting an Iowa man in this process. In order to avoid a risk of being exposed,…


College kids using Bitcoin to pay for 'huge drug deals,' prosecutor says

DES MOINES — An Iowa man has been arrested and accused of selling shipments of narcotics and other drugs to two Ohio college students, who bought the drugs using the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Authorities arrested Anthony Scott Boeckholt, 42, on Jan. 29 at his home in Forest City, Iowa, according to …
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University College London Fights CV Fraud via Bitcoin Verification (news.bitcoin.com)

Imagine getting treated by a doctor with a fake diploma, or losing a job to another candidate who faked his resume. Unfortunately, such cases are all too prevalent these days in various parts of the world where proper documentation verification is too cumbersome or too costly. However, bitcoin might provide the answer to making sure this reality is preventable in the future.
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