Why are people panic selling over JP Morgan comments? THIS CURRENCY UNDERMINES EVERYTHING THEY STAND FOR, IT’S BIASED.

I hate to be angry at (some of) the bitcoin community but right now I cannot avoid but being so. JP Morgan is a multinational bank that invests OUR money and then makes profits off it by investing and then gives us 1% return on its investments, and artificially boosting investments if they don't go their way. By panic selling, you are giving them the power to manipulate our currency against theirs. This guy has a vested interest to maintain power to the banks (the elite few) who control the vast majority of our money. Bitcoin goes against that in every way, removing the middleman for transactions (i.e. him). I cannot fathom how this is causing a panic sell, it's a banker… (switch the b to a w to know how I feel about that).

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Some comments on the BIP148 UASF from the bitcoin-dev meeting (reddit.com)

sipa – my opinion is that it would go against our principles to merge BIP148 into core jtimon – as said on the mailing list I think bip148 is rushed and that makes it risky gmaxwell – luke-jr: I haven’t seen the kind of support required to justify your position on that; afaict so far no exchange or payment processor of note has said they would stick with 148. I think you’d have an argument if there was any of that, but right now I think it’s hard to distinguish a subsanstive level of support…