Why are we tolerating all this bullshit from the miners as a community? We need to take control back before it’s too late. The only answer is a change of PoW. FREE THE USERS FROM THE MINER’S TYRANNICAL GRASP AND THEIR CUSTOM HARDWARE!

Bitcoin is becoming a fucking joke. The debate has been going for years now. How ridiculous is it?

Everyday we see a new actor coming in trying to control Bitcoin. The latest (old news) newcomer being Craig Wright.

Even if he is Satoshi, his creation is now public domain. He can patent his way into patent trolling as much as he wants, that won't change anything to the fact that he has now lost control of his creation. It's now public domain and community driven. I personally don't give a fuck about him and I think many share my opinion.

Which brings me to to a point that I have been hammering for the last couple of months: IT'S TIME TO CHANGE THE PoW!

I'm so tired of reading and hearing about all this drama. Why can't people see that there is no compromise possible with these people?

Wake up for fuck's sake.

Appeasement doesn't work, it's the same thing as when dealing with terrorists.

And the people trying to control Bitcoin right now, are economic terrorists.

Bitcoin needs to evolve out of centralization. This is the only thing that we should be discussing. Anything else is appeasement.

I don't give a fuck about the millions that they have invested into their stupid proprietary hardware. I see threads about people wanting to start mining and people pointing them to Bitmain. How stupid and naive are we?!?! It's reaching comedic level of absurdity.

Will we give up so easily as a community? Will we allow them to centralize Bitcoin and let the original vision die so easily?

If you think that UASF will save Bitcoin, you are delusional and you are very naive. We are dealing with sharks that will crash the entire ecosystem if they want to. They won't go down alone, that is if we allow them.

It's time to pay very close attention to the man behind the curtain.

Some references:

The ASIC mining controversy – Why don't we revert to GPU mining? Why do we allow China to corner the Bitcoin mining market with proprietary hardware?


The Bitcoin Stockholm Syndrome AKA Jihan Wu, Bitmain and ASIC. A change of PoW is the only definitive long term solution.


The Nuclear Option. What would happen if Chinese miners decided tomorrow to stop processing Bitcoin to protest against UASF?


UASF is not the solution.


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