A UK company has trademarked the word “BITCOIN”

I'll keep this sort. I run a very small t-shirt business and a few of my shirts contain the word bitcoin. Today I received a cease and desist letter claiming I'm breaking their trademark for the use of the word "BITCOIN", I didn't believe it at first since I knew that bitcoin and the bitcoin logo are public domain, and even a similar trademark application in the US failed. Well turns out a they did manage to get a trademark filled, it can be viewed here. So basically anyone in the UK that puts the word bitcoin on any type of clothing or even a drink can be sued.

I'm posting this in the hopes someone knows the trademark laws better than me. I believe a trademark invalidation can be filed to get this removed since bitcoin is somewhat a generic term and therefore should be free for everyone to use. If anyone has the know how to file a invalidation please do so – https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/trade-marks-invalidation

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