Is there a chart comparison of all the types of blockchain data storage crypto currencies for decentralized / distributed data as of April-2017?

I know there are a bunch of blockchain data storage crypto currencies. But I was wondering is there a comparison of how each of them differ from one another. What are their attributes and limits?

So far I know of Sia, Maidsafe, Storj, IPFS, and Nxt Data Cloud.

I know some of them require you to either contribute to the network or pay a fee to rent space from others. But which ones are persistent where you can upload once and forget about it without constant maintenance?

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Where did I went wrong with this comparison?

I am trying to buy hash from nicehash and sell that to some pool in

I tried to match the price in nicehash and coinwarz but it seems that things don’t add up.

equihash for example, is 3 bitcoin per megasolution day. Now If I put 1000000 sol per second the coinwars will say I’ll be making 668 bitcoins.

How do I compare this easily?

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Zetacoin and bitcoin comparison.

Recently, I downloaded a desktop wallet for “ZETACOIN”. I am still synchronizing the wallet and it seems like its taking a lot of space. Apparently, there have been mined already over 6 million blocks and that’s what I am downloading. Can anybody tell where I can find information about Zetacoin and whether this is true or not because it just seems like its a big blockchain.

Thank you.

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