Summary of the May 18 MIT L2 Summit, discussing layer two scaling, complete with description and links to presentation videos (+ my top 3 favorites)

List also available on Twitter:

  1. Introduction (Neha Narula, Director MIT DCI). Presenting an argument why L2 scaling matters (on-chain doesn't scale).

  2. The Near Future of Lightning (Connor Fromknecht, Lightning Labs). An overview of lightning, discussing amps, splicing, watchtowers (encrypted blobs).

  3. Non-Custodial Crypto-to-Crypto Trading (Sharon Goldberg, Commonwealh Crypto Inc.), discussing ideas for decentralized exchanges.

  4. Discreet Log Contracts (Tadge Dryja, MIT). An overview of the tech, similar to talks at previous events, and a demo.

  5. Using Truebit for verifying offchain computations (Sami Makela, Truebit). Taking computation off-chain and only using the blockchain for disputes. Low on technical details.

  6. Panel on State Channels (five participants). Talking about different state channel solutions and how they operate.

  7. Interledger, L2, L3, and Beyond (Evan Schwartz, Ripple engineer). A layer between L2 solutions (seems excessive to me).

  8. Scriptless Scripts (Andrew Poelstra, Blockstream). Basic overview, plus blind atomic swaps, zero knowledge contingency payments, Lightning payment hops.

  9. Building with Lightning (Alex Bosworth, Lightning App Dev). Discussing real problems from implementing Lightning micropayments, and possible mitigations.

  10. Fireside Chat (Elizabeth Stark, Lightning Labs). Her experience working on Lightning.

My three favorite talks (chronological):

  1. The Near Future of Lightning

  2. Scriptless Scripts

  3. Building with Lightning

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Vinny Linghams complete email dump RE: WhalePanda's tweet. (

Key takeaways: There’s a private email list where “a few industry people” try to figure out what to do with bitcoin. (lol) Vinny doesn’t understand bitcoin and presumably neither do most members of that list. 2x is an attack on core. Ignore these clowns. The following is copied from that shitty medium app Vinny decided to publish this on: In response to a selectively leaked email thread on Twitter today, which takes my views out of context, I have decided to publish a…



This invention relates generally to blockchain implementations and is suited for, but not limited to, use with the Bitcoin blockchain. It can be used for the implementation of automated processes such as device/system control, process control, distributed computing and storage and others. The invention provides a solution which uses a blockchain to control a process executing on a computing resource. In a preferred embodiment, the computing resource, running simultaneously and in parallel to…