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Goldman Tech Conference Takeaways on Bitcoin, Ethereum and ICOs

While speakers praised Bitcoin's usefulness as a store of value and and its unmatched liquidity among cryptocurrencies, they were quick to argue its technical limitations – manifested in its very high transaction fees, as well as the long time it often takes for Bitcoin transactions to settle – made it relatively …
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'We like naked girls': Bitcoin's bro culture exposed after sleazy end to conference

After two long days of speeches from the crypto-currency community's biggest names, the 5000 attendees of the North American Bitcoin Conference were invited to end the event at a “networking party” at notorious strip club E11even — a club known for its relaxed rules regarding the “touching” of …
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A bitcoin conference has stopped taking bitcoin payments because they don't work well enough

An upcoming conference dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology has stopped accepting ticket payments in bitcoin, suggesting that the method was slow, costly and labor-intensive. The North American Bitcoin Conference, held in Miami next week, said on its website that network …
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The Baltic Honeybadger 2017 Bitcoin Conference Links and Bookmarks

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