panic: just got 13 BTC scammed but transaction still unconfirmed need to confirm my transaction with same inputs (

… it replaced the bitcoin address when i copy pasted. i do not how this happened. this transaction should not go through: i made a new transaction with the same inputs, can any miner mine this?…


I can confirm that some miners are now fully convinced that they not only have a say in changes to Bitcoin, but the only say. (

I told the haobtc CEO, who runs a cloud mining service in China, that it’s users who decide Bitcoin, instead of miners. That haobtc CEO spreads fake information such as “if hard fork happens, the longer chain is Bitcoin. And if exchanges don’t recognize the shorter one as Bitcoin, they are irresponsible to customers, because shorter one is vulnerable to 51% attack.” I told him an example. If China Gov, or Jihan, or anyone has 51% hashrate. And if he creates a hardfork and the only change is…


How confirm my own doublespend transaction got confirmed

Transactions in the testnet are right now almost always double spent with a new txid (possible due to tx malleability). This is actually quite nice for testing purposes.

So I’m wondering – when I did a payment and have txId ‘XXX’ this payment sometimes gets confirmed with a new txId ‘YYY’ that I don’t know of. How can I (using bitcoind json-rpc) find out that my payment with txId ‘XXX’ got confirmed?

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