CNBC manager connected to bitcoinCash meetup group: explains why FastMoney lets Ver pump his latest project without any challenging questions…

Journalistic Integrity:

That’s the marketing manager’s husband being a creator of a bcash group.

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Stratum Server Exception “[coin] is not connected”

When i running ‘twistd -ny launcher.tac’ i getting the following Exception. The connection okay. Please help me to fix this issue.

2017-01-30 19:33:43,094 INFO bitcoin_rpc # Checking for submitblock 2017-01-30 19:33:43,097 DEBUG bitcoin_rpc # submitblock detected. 017-01-30 19:33:43,097 INFO mining # Found submitblock 2017-01-30 19:33:43,101 ERROR mining # Coind Error: Guncoin is not connected! 

Thanks, Your help will appreciated!

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If an offline, never connected, Electrum wallet is lost, it can still be recovered?

I’m just making sure I understand this correctly, since I’m new to Bitcoin.

Lets say there is an Electrum wallet created, but on a machine which was never connected to the internet. This machine is then destroyed/lost/stops working.

The wallet, along with any funds which were sent to it, can still be recovered, as long as one has kept the seed? So this means that the private key is derived from the seed (this is what the deterministic aspect refers to?).

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GetAddr not returning connected node addresses

I am writing a simple program that connects to nodes in order to index them, kind of like nodes works. Doing this in GLang using the btcd/wire library to create the messages, the message sequence is as follows:

Version -> <- Version <- Version Acknowledge <- Ping Pong -> GetAddr -> <- Addr 

However upon reading the list of addresses returned they all are either empty or contain a single address that corresponds to that nodes address (I.E. it returns its own address).

From reading the wiki I know nodes only return addresses of connected nodes that have a timestap less than 3 hours ago, and that there are certain dns nodes and seed nodes. Are there any nodes that will always return connected peers regardless of their age? Or any way to bootstrap the process? How does a normal full node connect to more than a handful of nodes when these may never return anything (if they have been alive for more than 3 hours, then they will only return something on new connections)?

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I forgot what wallet is connected to an address. Is there anyway to figure out at least what wallet i used ?

I had to put in an address on a site in case of returns or what not. i use multiple wallets since i have multiple accounts. One of my first accounts received a return and i can not figure out what wallet i used. It is a web wallet which i have narrowed down to three possible sites. I found the address that the money was sent to but is there anyway to figure out what wallet just by using the address attached to the account? i have the public,private, and encrypted keys to each of the 3 wallets that i use. is there anyway to find it using one of those keys? ( no i am not dumb enough to give my private key to anyone)

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